Mary Van Pelt

I question the system

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In Silence I Speak

In Silence I Speak takes the reader on a journey of transformation. First into the depth of psychiatric illness that is often misunderstood, then through systems that intend to give good care but fall short, and finally to health restored and a life of recovery found beyond the identity and label of a psychiatric disability.

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After the Murder

After seeing an inmate interviewed on a television program Mary began writing to inmates in state prisons. A few years later in a prison visiting room she met Mark.

Mark was twenty-five and serving twenty-to-life for a liquor store robbery that went bad and ended in murder. Mary, a college student, became enamored by the long and beautiful letters he wrote. She didn’t know that this murder, the death of someone she never knew, would become a transforming power in her life more than thirty years later.

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Social Work
in Rural Communities

The Challenges of Dual Relationships and the Continuum of Care in Rural Mental Health by Susan S. Manning, PhD and Mary Elizabeth Van Pelt

This chapter presents an empowerment-based approach to understanding dual relationships in rural mental health service delivery.

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